We will ensure that you:·        

Take advantage of the top tax minimization strategies for medical professionals (we assist with everything from your annual tax filing to complicated tax planning, apply the latest tax strategies, and make sure you take advantage of all eligible tax credits, timing of capital gains exemption claims, and available investment planning options to improve your long-term financial situation);      

► Place your income into a corporation to avoid being taxed at the highest marginal rate;        

► Have a strategy in place to ensure your current income will continue throughout your retirement;        

► Create an Individual Pension Plan for your Corporation;    

► Protect your income, assets, family and medical practice;        

► Have a succession plan that works for you, your successors and your practice, even if you are many years away from passing the torch;        

► Incorporate your medical practice;        

► Understand the financial options available to you and choose the ones that best suit your life and practice;        

► Borrow tax-effectively; Take advantage of dollar cost averaging, income splitting and creating RRSP contribution room to help minimize the tax you pay and maximize your investment potential.

We assist doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals who are essentially small business owners; as such, they often have little portfolio diversification, which generates risk. We help allocate their assets to protect them from market volatility. As professionals running our own practice, we share your entrepreneurial challenges and unique needs.

Advising Medical Professionals

We have been successfully assisting medical professionals with their finances for more than 12 years. The concentrated focus on this exclusive group allows us to have an unparalleled understanding
of the investment, tax, and risk management strategies required to create a successful wealth plan for each client.


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Medical Professionals

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