Investing in Quality

Rule Number 1: Never lose money

Rule Number 2: Never forget rule number 1

We want to ensure that the investment assets you own are greater than the sum of their parts.

Owning quality assets means owning businesses with a market position which makes it difficult to compete with, a business model that allows it to fund its expenses and its growth, adaptable corporate governance with low turnover, irrefutable growth of revenue and earnings, and all at an attractive valuation.

Paying less for a productive asset is seen as a distinct advantage for those able to tolerate some illiquidity.  Where applicable, complementing your public equity with some private equity can offer a distinct advantage with respect to yield and non-correlation, further boosting your overall portfolio returns.

This strategy is successfully used by pension funds and the ultra-high-net-worth (video below).

We want to ensure that the investment assets you own are greater than the sum of their parts.


The largest and most successful institutional investors in the world
(i.e.: Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Yale Endowment Fund)
as well as the world’s wealthiest families create true lasting wealth
by investing in a mix of both public and private investments.

Our goal is to democratize these private investment opportunities for wealth creation,
and where appropriate, provide our clients with the same investment techniques
used by ultra high net worth and institutional investors.


Fees Matter

Managing your cost is one of the biggest determinants of growing your wealth.

Agreeing on a cost-structure that makes sense to your overall financial health is a necessary endeavour.

Services are performed on an agreed-upon and pre-determined fee basis,

following an investment strategy that favours diversified growth and minimization of risk.