We will ensure that you:·        

Are wisely guided in terms of your portfolio holdings, insurance solutions, everyday financial decisions such as mortgages and debt reduction, and tax-effective financial and estate planning;

► Take full advantage of all the benefits offered to you by your current employer;

► Receive a written, customized investment and financial plan, with full understanding of every step and stage along the way;

► Have a road map to adequately fund your retirement plan;

► Take advantage of all tax minimization strategies;

► Minimize the tax you pay, we will incorporate the latest tax strategies and make sure you take advantage of all eligible tax credits, timing of capital gains exemption claims, and available investment planning options to improve your long-term financial situation);

► Have a strategy in place to ensure your current lifestyle will continue throughout your retirement;

► Protect your income, assets and family;

► Understand the financial options available to you and choose the ones that best suit your life;

► Borrow tax-effectively;

► Take advantage of dollar cost averaging, income splitting and creating RRSP contribution room to help minimize the tax you pay and maximize your investment potential.

You continue to work hard every day, and when you think about your future one question keeps coming up, “Do I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life?”

In considering the amount of hard work you put into reaching this monumental part of your life, you realize that you deserve a tailored retirement plan which will either confirm that you have done everything right, or highlight those areas where we could improve your circumstances by taking advantage of our unique tax reduction strategies.

You must protect what you have built, and execute your financial planning over the next few years just right. We can help you.

Advising Future Retirees

We have been successfully assisting future retirees with their finances for more than 12 years.
We have the tools and resources to help you live the life you've dreamed of and make your money last.